Motor Drivers

We have developed numerous motor drivers over the past 10+ years including Stepper (2,3 and 5 phase), DC and Brushless DC. These drives also have a variety of communications interfaces, including RS232, RS485 and CAN Bus.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electronics and firmware were developed for an Electromagnetic Flowmeter that rivalled competing products from Siemens and ABB. The resulting product has achieved outstanding success in the marketplace.

Remote Site Data Interface Unit

This unit allows data collection and communication of environmental sensor information by compressing information into text messages which are sent to a base station. User commands to the field can be sent by SMS from a phone or from the Base Station.

Six Axis Robot

Intended for medical sample processing, this robot can perform two handed operations. The motor drives and sensors were designed for 0.1mm precision of each axis.

Aquamonitor Tank Sensor

The sensor is designed for low power wireless operation from two AA cells and is housed in an overmolded assembly with removable lid. Signals from ultrasonic sensors are processed to perform distance calculation based on digitally sampled waveforms.

Aquamonitor Display Unit

The Display Unit is a wireless collection and display unit with on-board data logging and analysis. Information is displayed to the user using a graphic LCD and multi-colour illuminated soft-keys.

Laboratory Scanner

This device is used to scan medical samples in a medical laboratory environment. A motor controlled scanning head is used to capture line scans and build an image which is internally processed to determine sample density and location.

Sugar Factory Instrument

Measurement of RF conductivity is used for process measurement of sugar processes. The instrument comprises probes with exciting electronics and digital communications to an electronic transmitter. A hand-held calibrator unit allows monitoring and configuration of each probe.

Environmental Data Loggers

Used for monitoring water quality and level these sensors combine multi-parameter sensors and micro-power electronics to measure and store readings for extended periods of time. The data logging engine allows for multiple logging schedules, schedule triggering, burst modes, data variation logging, alarm generation and other features.